All The Motions Of Ordinary Love

旦那が何を言っているかわからない件 (I Have No Idea What My Husband Is Saying)

Today I am going to talking about love, because to me, I still have no idea what it means to be in love and that is the perfect reason to speak about it. I have been searching for love for a long time. Seeking out that perfect woman, for when all is said and done I could settle down with her in the future. That person is out there right now driving to work, reading a book or drinking expired milk. I have no idea, but she is out there and that thought alone excites me. Everyone says you know exactly the moment you are in love, it hits you like a tonne of bricks. Six months have passed since I moved to Australia and I left many friends behind to journey this far, but one stands out from the rest.

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Food & Love Art Online

ソードーアートオンライン (Sword Art Online)

Sword Art Online gets a lot of hate, as in, a tonne of it. What I do not understand is why people even bother hating it. Why waste your time? I feel like people have never heard of the saying ‘any publicity is good publicity’. The farthest I go with my disdain for certain shows are 1) if they are brought up in conversation and 2) if my opinion is asked for. Even then I hold back that instinct to tear open boxes marked ‘garbage anime’, instead offering my dislike for a series. Never hate. Hate implies we were wronged somehow.

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The Weird Journey Through Male Ego


謎の彼女X (Mysterious Girlfriend X)

The awkwardness I feel now, having brought up this show. Never thought I would get to this point in my anime career. In all honesty, my friends and I watched the people hovering in hentai sections of conventions and it grossed us out. It was something that I never really gave a chance and now I am going against that grain. I mean I’ve watched a lot of anime, certainly not as much as some, but a hefty amount for sure. In turn, my curiosity brought me to something different. I was enjoying the action, slice of life and psychological thrillers, but a time came to expand those horizons. This series, by far, was ‘out there’ for me. The sexually driven themes kept bringing me back after the first few episodes. I certainly was not expecting it to be the driving factor at the beginning. At least it was the only factor until I noticed how real it all felt. These two characters showing such a real innocence about them, it hit close to home. Two young kids trying their hardest to express the right feelings, as awkwardly as two young kids can. It is damned beautiful.

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