HGIBO Unboxing

1/144 Scale Model Gundam Barbatos HGIBO Unboxing

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Okay so today I will be doing an unboxing blog entry. I will be unboxing the 1/144 scale model of Gundam Barbatos from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans. For those who don’t know or are knew to the hobby, it’s part of Bandai‘s Gundam model kits from the Iron-blooded Orphans (IBO) product line. It’s a High Grade (HG). So without further ado, let’s start with the unboxing of this kit. 😁

Box Art

I like the box art of this kit. I like the fact that they are showing the pilot of of the mobile suit on the side. Overall, the box art looks cool in my opinion.

Front Side

Okay so, this is the front side of the box art:

Box art front side

You can see the Bandai Spirits logo on the bottom right. While the product line and the scale of the model is on the bottom left. It’s a 1/144 scale model and it’s part of the High Grade Iron-blooded Orphans (HGIBO) product line of Bandai’s Gundam model kits. You can also see the pilot of the mobile suit on that side, Mikazuki Augus.

I like the pose of the Gundam Barbatos here. I also like the weapons of the Gundam Barbatos. The mace reminds of the medieval times while the long sword reminds me of Samurais haha.

I also like the additon of Japanese characters in this box art. It makes it look cooler haha.

Bottom Side

This is the bottom side:

Box art bottom side

The bottom side of the box art shows some action poses that you can recreate. It also shows some of the gimmicks of this kit. You can recreate the 1st and 4th form of Gundam Barbatos with this kit. You can also customize it using parts from the other kits of this product line.

Right Side

The right side:

Box art right side

The right side of the box art shows Bandai Spirits logo, the product line of this kit, and the kit itself. It also shows the web address of Bandai’s hobby site and the Gundam official portal site on the upper right. You can also see the order of this kit from the product line that it belongs to on the left. This kit is number 001 on the High Grade Iron-blooded Orphans (HGIBO) product line.

Upper Side

The upper side:

Box art upper side

On the upper side of the box art, you can see the pilot of the mobile suit, Mikazuki Augus. You can also see the kit beside his picture. It also shows the synopsis of the story of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans and some background information about the pilot. But sadly, I can’t understand it because they in Japanese haha.

It also shows information about the artists behind the box art, the manufacturer of these kits, some safety measures, and about the product itself. It also shows that this kit doesn’t require any glue in the assembly process.

And the left side:

Box art left side

The left side of the box art is the same with it’s right side. The only difference is that the web address of the official portal site of Gundam (the franchise) is highlighted here while it’s the Bandai’s hobby site that is highlighted on the right side.


The kit came with two plastic bags and a guide/manual for it’s assembly process:

The contents of the kit

First Plastic Bag Contents

The first plastic bag contains runners A1 and A2, the polycap sheet and foil sticker sheet for this kit:

1st plastic bag


This runner is packed with 34 parts. It comprises the gun metal gray parts of this kit:

A1 (runner)


Runner A2 also comprises the gun metal gray parts of this kit. It has 21 parts:

A2 (runner)

Polycap Sheet

The polycap sheet compromises the, well, the polycaps haha. It has has 17 parts:

Polycaps sheet

Foil Sticker Sheet

This sheet compromises the foil stickers for this kit. It has 22 foil stickers:

Foil sticker sheet

Second Plastic Bag Contents

The second plastic bag contains runners B, C, D, and E:

The second plastic bag


This runner is packed with 43 parts. It comprises the white parts of this kit:

B (runner)


Runner C is comprised of the yellow parts of this kit. It has 7 parts:

C (runner)


This runner is packed with 4 parts. It comprises the red parts of this kit:

D (runner)


Runner E is comprised of the dark blue parts of this kit. It has 3 parts:

E (runner)


Contents of the kit

Overall, the kit came with 7 runners, including the polycap sheet, 129 parts, and 22 stickers. 😊

Kit Manual/Guide

The manual/guide for all Bandai Gundam model kits are composed of flipping pages.

Front Cover

Front cover (manual)

The front cover of the manual shows the same art from the box art with addition of some information about the mobile suit that this kit is representing and it’s pilot. Sadly, I can’t read it because it’s in Japanese 😭 haha. It also shows the Bandai logo on the bottom right and the web address of the official Gundam portal site on the bottom left.


The content of the manual shows information about the parts and the assembly process. Though it’s mostly in Japanese, you can still understand it because the important parts are subtitled in English. You can also easily understand the assembly process even though it’s in Japanese because of the illustrations. They are detailed and easy to comprehend. 😊

First flip – contents (manual)
Second flip – contents (manual)
Third flip – contents (manual)
Fourth flip – contents (manual)
Fourth flip – contents (back side – manual)

Back Cover

Back cover (manual)

The back cover of the manual shows some information about the included weapons in this kit (of the mobile suit that is being represented. It also shows that this kit can recreate the first form of the mobile suit that it represents. A color guide is also included in this page, should you choose to paint the kit. Sadly, they are also in Japanese 😭 haha. I hope that I can learn how to read Japanese characters someday. So that I can finally read the informations included in the manual and box art haha.

Thank You!

Okay that’s it for now, thank you for reading this entry. I hope you got something out of it. Something valuable. Something that you can apply in your own life. If you would like to add something that you feel would be of great help to the other readers. Feel free to do so by dropping a comment down below. I and (I presume) the other readers would love to hear from you. Again, thank you for reading this entry. Cheers! Till next time!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‹

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